I've been face painting since my own grown children were little for Halloween as I always hated masks and would rather paint their faces for safety.. Eventually, I was doing a number of children in the neighborhood on a regular basis.  

It wasn't until late 2015 when I painted at Talia's Pet Walk that I decided to "open shop".  I've been primarily painting, building my skills, designs, and products since that time to offer my services to the community. I continue to paint at Talia's Pet Walk to benefit Children's Cancer Research. Also, the NEDA Walk in March to promote understanding of Eating Disorders and raise money for that cause.

Face painters can be very expensive. My rates are less than average and can be  affected by the turnout of your event.  If significantly less guests attend, I would take that into consideration in my final rate.  If considerably more faces than planned need to be painted, it's a question of what time permits. We can go into overtime for a negotiated fee.

My mission as a face painter is to please children with 'mask' or eye designs, that do not cover the lower cheek or mouth, leaving them free to eat or drink without fear of ruining their artwork.

I like to plan on a special design for the birthday boy/girl, one that no one else will have. There are exceptions where I will do a full-face paint, they are rare, but well-deserved and completely at risk of every element that comes their way to mess up that design! Oh, well... fun while it lasts!

I am insured by the World Clown Association. My IRS EIN is 81-4885001.

Diana Eastman

I am fortunate to have available the finest products in the world. The majority of my paints are vegan and all are gluten-free. They are also hypoallergenic and the ingredients are FDA approved. If interested, I do keep MSDS sheets available for review.

If you do have concerns over a potential allergic reaction, a skin-test can be conducted 20 minutes before your child is painted.

Products carried are TAG, WOLFE, BEN NYE, MEHRON, STARBLENDS, GLOBAL, SILLY FARM, CAMELEON, PARADISE, DFX, GLITTER GLUE, COSMETIC-GRADE GLITTERS , GEMS, and REVLON & MEHRON LATEX-FREE GLUE FOR GEMS. This list is constantly evolving because I find there's always something new and different to try!

All products can be removed with soap and water, I prefer baby shampoo worked into a lather without water, then rinsed with a soft, dark, washcloth. Some colors can be stubborn, try baby oil, coconut oil or make-up remover. Do not use baby wipes to remove face paint. I've read they can drive the paint into the pores. Do not allow your child to sleep in face paint.

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